The World of Shizaar is one ever cursed with conflict. Since time immemorial kingdoms and empires have risen and fallen, each in their due time and always plagued by war. Warlords, Tribal Chieftains, Fuhrers, Kings, Emperors, Sultans, all have risen in times past and created dynasties vast and glorious only to be wiped out, either by war or through mysterious circumstances.

Shizaar's past is now shrouded in mystery. While evidence of these kingdoms exists, very few know of their true fates. Fewer still know of the destiny of the great Empires, for it is well documented in ancient texts that ten times past, through ten different eras, great leaders have risen and united the world under a single banner only to be wiped out in their entirety seemingly overnight. The fate of the world becomes a worry to all men of Shizaar, now that history repeats itself through the barbarian King Aldebaran, and his new Era of Frost.

The Horizon, the name given to the planet seen orbiting Shizaar every twelve days, is seen as a promised land. The planet is covered in water, dotted with lush green islands and seems to suffer from very little frost. The structure of Shizaar's time is based on this planet's phases, every six days waning or waxing in brightness just as Shizaar follows. The Astral cycle comes as the Horizon begins to swell with light, culminating when the planet is fully illuminated on the horizon, following with an Umbral cycle when the planet grows dark again, culminating in the Eclipse when the Horizon covers the sun. The Astral cycle then begins anew, with a second coming of the Astral and Umbral cycles marking the second half of a month.

Aldebaran holds the seat at the Heavenly Throne, where the seat of all the great empires grew in eras past. The Capital City, Ouroboros, and all territories belonging to Aldebaran, have through some magical means become shrouded in an eternal winter. The farmlands grow barren and wild game becomes scarce, but the city churns ever forwards as it always has.


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