The Chronicle is where you can come to read the story so far. Though the frozen and blighted land has a long and storied past, this is but one of the adventures that are to be told within the world of Shizaar.

The Prologue

Long before most men can now remember, Aldebaran the Barbarian King raised his armies in the north. The frozen wastes were long inhospitable to all but the hardiest of men, and only those with strong will and body could survive the harsh winters. It was thus a surprise when Aldebaran descended the mountains with a horde of the strongest men from all of the warring tribes now unified under his single, otherworldly crown. Within days smaller villages and towns on the outer edges of the kingdoms had fallen. Within a fortnight, the Capital belonged to Aldebaran and his hordes. Declaring himself king of all that is, Aldebaran established the Kingdom of Malkuth.

His has been nigh two hundred years past, and Aldebaran still holds the throne. Those territories that fell under his rule grew as his Crown Legion spread outward, and all lands that met his cold gaze froze as cold as the northern mountains that shaped him. It is during this most recent period of expansion that Dante Black was driven from his home, his Court Wizard's experiment Vraiz escaped from her imprisonment, and the dubious Whap Goblin fled the destruction of his home and came together in hopes of finally mounting a resistance against Aldebaran and changing their lives for the better.


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